Tuesday, January 5, 2010

INSIGHT: Multi-Network & Merchant Revenue Tracking.

If you’re like most affiliates, you’re probably running programs from at least a handful of different affiliate networks. Staying on top of all of this data can be a time consuming confusing drag. Trying to understand who your highest paying and best performing advertisers are can be a total mystery.

In addition to pay-per-click search analytics and bid management tools, AffiliateReporting.com includes reports to track your commission revenue, simplify your accounting work, and improve advertiser performance analysis with the following reports:

  • Aggregated Revenue Report - View rolled-up revenue for all networks in a single report.

  • Network Revenue Report – Breaks down commission revenue by each affiliate network.

  • Merchant Revenue Reports – Merchant Revenue Reports – Rank and sort all of the advertiser on your website(s).

Whether you’re a Super Affiliate or newbie, the many features, tools, and reports in AffiliateReporting.com can help take your affiliate business to the next level.

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