Wednesday, December 16, 2009

INSIGHT: Q: What Makes a Super-Affiliate Super? A: The Right Tools.

Did you know that a small percentage of affiliates drive a disproportionately large portion of all affiliate sales? So, what’s the their secret?

Having spent nearly a decade as one of these Performers, and interacting with other super-affiliates, I can say confidently that technology is a common element in their success.

Every super-affiliate I’ve known has licensed or built software tools to automate time consuming and repetitive business processes and to measure performance more deeply, frequently, and accurately, an essential part of the foundation required to scale an affiliate business.

Once these solutions are in place, super-affiliates can focus on other important business activities like developing unique content or functionality for their website, negotiating special offers and commissions, or managing new or existing advertisers / merchant relationships. maybe able to automate your key business processes, measure performance better, and build a solid foundation to scale your affiliate business.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

INSIGHT: The Biggest Losers Report

Did you know most affiliates using pay-per-click (PPC) search engine marketing are losing money on 80% or more of their keywords because they don’t have accurate keyword tracking and can’t accurately, efficiently, or quickly determine keyword ROI?

Optimizing underperforming keywords may represent the greatest opportunity to immediately increase ROI and’s Biggest Loser Report™ can help…

Optimizing underperforming keywords may represent the greatest opportunity to immediately increase ROI and’s Biggest Loser Report™ can help…

• Analyze. 16 key performance indicators (KPI’s) including Cost, Commission, ROI, and Profit & Loss provide the information you need to identify the losers.

• Prioritize. Displays keywords losing the most money that need immediate attention, whether you have dozens or millions of keywords.

• Act. Take immediate action, bid management is integrated into the Biggest Loser’s Report™.

• Repeat. Report updates automatically, no more cumbersome exports and spread sheets, analyze keyword performance over any date range. is the only pay-per-click tracking affiliate software built just for the performance marketing industry and affiliates like you.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

I received the following two questions over the weekend.

Q: I see an "Insufficient Funds" message when trying to perform some action. What is this?
A: This message is only displayed when you attempt to perform some action which requires the Google API. Google charges for API access. This cost is passed along to you. It is not marked up. Each time you perform some action which requires the Google API the cost of the action is reduced from your balance. One way to avoid some of the costs associated with the Google API is to request your own Google API developer token. Google will typically offer some amount of free API usage depending on your spend.

Q: In order to track properly, I understand I must set the destination URL at the keyword level and NOT at the ad group level. Since most of my destination URLs in Google are set at the Ad Group level, what do I need to do?
A: The simplest and fastest way to complete this requirement is to run the Quick Convert tool on the ad group. Using the Google API, the Quick Convert tool will use the default destination URL you selected or typed in and set the destination URL for each keyword at the keyword level. If a destination URL already exists at the keyword level, the system will leave the existing destination URL in tact and only append a tracking code to the existing destination URL.