Wednesday, December 16, 2009

INSIGHT: Q: What Makes a Super-Affiliate Super? A: The Right Tools.

Did you know that a small percentage of affiliates drive a disproportionately large portion of all affiliate sales? So, what’s the their secret?

Having spent nearly a decade as one of these Performers, and interacting with other super-affiliates, I can say confidently that technology is a common element in their success.

Every super-affiliate I’ve known has licensed or built software tools to automate time consuming and repetitive business processes and to measure performance more deeply, frequently, and accurately, an essential part of the foundation required to scale an affiliate business.

Once these solutions are in place, super-affiliates can focus on other important business activities like developing unique content or functionality for their website, negotiating special offers and commissions, or managing new or existing advertisers / merchant relationships. maybe able to automate your key business processes, measure performance better, and build a solid foundation to scale your affiliate business.

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